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Episode 6 – In Two Parts

22 May

Part 1

Part 2


The glories of reskeining: Midnight Lavender (the original)

On the wishlist: Crazy Monkey Motorized Skein Winders

La Vie de Bois sock, using: String Theory Yarns sock yarn, colorway “Kelp”

Sock inspiration: American Loggers

News: We have a winner!

Grabby Hands: and Plays Well With Colors (Etsy shop)

Episode 5 – A Contest!

13 May

To see “April Showers knit up: Manhattan Socks (pattern by Lisa Dykstra)

I got my banner! VistaPrint

Contest: leave a comment with a link to your tweet, plurk, blog, or post that shows how you’re spreading the word about The Fiberista Files and you’ll be entered to win a skein of “Jonquil” sock yarn!  You have until next Tuesday to enter; I’ll draw the winner during my next episode.

Happy spinning and knitting!

Episode 4 – You Say Pot, I Say Kettle

06 May

I want to apologize ahead of time for my hair.  I should have checked side and rear angles before recording.

Dyepots – no links, since nothing’s going up in the shop.  Sorry!  If I have any left after the Frolic, I’ll list them.  I promise!  The colorways are Dionysus, Downeast, Dandelion, Gaia, Sky Dance (for now) and Candy Apple.  All are 4 oz. braids of SW Merino.

Processes – dyepots/pans/kettles … whatever you call them.  I show you mine and explain basically how they work.

Growth: Business cards from VistaPrint.  I got 250 for $20, roughly.  They are a nice weight and look awesome.

Grabby Hands:

  1. Craft Culture, the awesome podcast.  Super opportunity for you to become a part of DaniDo’s Summer Tour!
  2. How to Knit a Lovesong by Rachel Herron, of Yarnagogo fame.  Amazing.  Read it!
  3. Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep – A Yarn about Wool. This kids’ book by Teri Sloat is a terific example of non-biased, gender-neutral crafting.  The farmer shears his sheep, a man cards and cleans it, a woman dyes it, a man spins it and Farmer Brown himself knits the yarn into sweaters.  Get a copy for your little knitter today!

Next week you’ll have an opportunity to win a skein of Highland Handmades yarn!  As always, let me know what you think about the podcast here in the comments or by emailing me:

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