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Episode 9 – Ball Band, Baby!

28 Jun

Marooned – yarn with a pretty new label!

Plays Well With Colors – “Salt Marsh” is the colorway; it’s 100% Falkland

Rite Aid – foam blocking matts for CHEAP!

Episode 8 – Panic Stricken

17 Jun

The Shop – I’ll continue uploading for the next few weeks, probably.

Plays Well With Colors– seriously gorgeous stuff!

Grabby Hands – SHOW ME YOUR STUFF!  I wanna see it.  Send me an email heatherAThighlandhandmadesDOTcom or leave a comment here.

Episode 7.1 and 7.2 – Frolicked!

10 Jun

7.1 – Frolicking

Episode 7.2 – Frolicked Out.

The Shop will be updating over the next week or two – Survivor, Summit, and Seedless sock yarns will be up later tonight.

2010 Maine Fiber Frolic – where I was last weekend!

Enchanted Knoll Farm – seriously fabulous stuff.

Romney Ridge Farm – cutest sheep ever, and my “neighbor” at the Frolic

Sereknity Fibers and Yarns – my other “neighbor”

Liberty Wool Farm – where I got my fleece, a Black Cotswold Romney cross

Nordic Weevs – spinning stool for only $120!

Indigo Hound Double Row Viking Combs – worth the wait!

Halcyon Yarn – where I got the combs

Not everything is linked, because (if you can believe it) – not all of them have websites!  Crazy, huh?  I have email addresses for Liberty Wool Farm and Nordic Weevs if you want them.

I apologize for the blurriness in sections of this video.  The new webcam and I are still getting acquainted.

Happy spinning and knitting!

No episode this week

03 Jun

I’m really sorry to have to say this, but there will be no episode this week.  I’m frantically trying to get everything ready to go to the 2010 Maine Fiber Frolic and there’s no free time between now and tomorrow morning when I have to leave.  I hope that you’ll forgive me!  I promise lots of pics and another two-part episode next week, when I can tell you all about my first trade show and how it went.  I will also be updating the Etsy shop with everything that didn’t sell at the Frolic.  Until then, the shop’s on vacation so I don’t accidentally double sell anything.

Until next week – happy spinning and knitting!

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