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Episode 25 – On Dyeing and Dandruff

27 Feb





Focus socks are done. Woot!

Black Cherry Lace Yarn will be available later tonight (will link this when the yarn is live)

NETA’s SPA event and my blog post with pictures.

Enchanted Knoll Farm, Serekinity Yarn and Fiber and Knitting Out Loud Audiobooks were all there. I love them all!

Halcyon Yarn is where I got the sock blockers, spinning wheel oil, Icelandic and Yak fibers.

Episode 24 – The One With Animals

20 Feb

In this episode, I  get my taxes done, show off my socks-in-progress, do a book and podcast review, and fend off various animals. I apologize for the quality of the video – my webcam couldn’t stay focused. I will work on it for next week (if I have to use my digital camera, I will).


Outright – my accounting software that creates awesome reports to take to your tax preparer.

Intention Yarns – the winner’s yarn is on its way (I’ll show the yarn after the new owner gets it).

Focus Socks (Rav Link). I don’t know if I mentioned it last week or not, but the pattern is Wendyknits Socks From the Toe Up vanilla sock pattern (using the slipped stitch heel).

New Podcast – Dramatic Knits. The podcaster, Steven, gives one a lot to think about! We like him a LOT.

Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes by Sasha Duerr. Does anyone know of a terrific beginner resource for using natural dyes?

Spindle Giveaway – Congrats to the winner! Email me your snail mail address and I’ll send it out as soon as it is varnished.

Poll Question:
What kind of lace yarn do you like? Solid color? Semi-solid color? Monochrome (lights, mediums, and darks of a particular color)? Or a true variegated? I’m dyeing up lace yarn this week, so let me know!

Episode 23 – Synonyms

13 Feb

This week, I finished the first stockinette sock knit out of Focus, the Limited Edition Intention available now at Intention Yarns. Words cannot express how enthralled I am with this yarn/sock combo.

I’ve been using Pinterest as a digital bulletin board of color inspiration for new colorways.

The Yarn Harlot post that started all the hijinks.

Mommy Needs Yarn podcast – it’s all her fault! The first episode’s opening credits had me cracking up.

Knitted Penis Chapstick Holder by JenAndroid (Ravelry link).  It’s a free pattern – everyone should make one!

Fiber is sw bfl from CJ Kopec Creations (thanks Coby for dyeing up a flesh-toned fiber) – I think the colorway is “Emotion”?

Starving Artist hat by Laura (lala) of The KnitGirllls.

Knittin’ on the Fly podcast – made by my friend Katie!

Episode 22 – Long Winded

07 Feb

Wow, a long episode this week!  As you can see, I’ve switched to which (clearly) doesn’t have the time constraints YouTube does.  I will still upload my episodes to YouTube; it may take a day or so to get them over there. This episode will be cut into two parts on YouTube due to length.

Without further ado:


Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival Dunno if I can get in yet.  If you want to see me there – email them and tell them so!

Undyed Mixed BFL/silk blend – the undyed version of this will be up as soon as I get it photographed.

Schoodic Lake” – 4 oz braid of dyed mixed BFL/silk blend.  Mmmm!

Grapes of Wrath“- White Ash Worsted.  The last one for a while.

Focus” – all wound up and being knit!  OMG LOVE!

Intention Yarns Ravelry Group – Join and say hello!  The next contest/giveaway will be announced there.  Show off your Intentions!

Photo Studio in a Box from Think Geek


Round the Twist with Carin – one of the firsts.

The KnitGirllls – If you’re not watching these girls, you should be.

Rainlover Knits – one of my plurk friends and an amazing knitter.

Knittin’ on the Fly – my friend Katie!  Pilot + knitter = lots of fun!

Intention Yarns – Reveal – Go leave a comment on this (Feb. 5) entry and be entered to win a skein of yarn!  You have until Friday Feb 11 @ 9 pm EST to be entered to win.  What are you waiting for?

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