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Episode 32 – Tiny Update and Big Cart(el)

24 Apr




SW BFL – Cloud Spotting

Black Cherry Lace – Moss, Blue Lobster



Make a big list of stuff to dye, separated out by fiber with plenty of room to cross out and change things. Very high tech and professional.



Moving away from Etsy (shop will remain up for a while) onto my own site!  Bookmark the new shop page here.  Next update will be happening on my site, not Etsy.  Let me know how purchasing goes for you!  Update will be Monday April 25th at 6pm EST.  Spindles will be available too!


Grabby Hands

Box project bag from Katie of Knittin on the Fly podcast.  Thank you!!

Episode 32 – Dancing Nanners

17 Apr





Sugar Maple Sock Yarn – Sea Glass, Heather’s Dilemma, Terra Cotta Pot, and Dancing Nanners

Falkland – Wait a Minute, Canopy and Acadia

Corriedale – Peacock, They’re Not Brown They’re Hazel and Acadia

Silk – Gort, Uath, Iogh, Luis, and Peacock

Superwash Merino/Tencel – Peacock

There will be one spindle kit up for grabs that will have Peacock in corriedale and a heavy spindle. 

I dyed up a bunch of lace yarn, but it won’t be entering the shop as I’m holding it for the show.  If Monday’s update goes well, I will order more lace and dye some up for y’all.  I just need to make sure I have inventory! 😀



Still doing custom orders; love to do it whenever possible.  I usually dye up extra so I have some to sell in the shop.


Growing the Business

SquareUp – inexpensive credit card reader to use at shows.  Looks awesome, I tried it and it works – I can’t wait to use it at shows!


Grabby Hands

Magna Cart – collapsible hand truck/dolly to cart around the Grid Walls.  I bought it at Lowe’s (I said Home Depot in the podcast but that was wrong).  I love that it folds up!


To find me: Boutrosbabe on plurk and ravelry, fiberistafiles on Twitter, and my email is heatherAThighlandhandmadesDOTcom.


Episode 31 – Happy Anniversary!

10 Apr



This episode is a special one – it’s been one year exactly since I began podcasting!   A huge thank you to everyone who has made this year so awesome.



The next shop update will be happening on Monday, April 11 at 6pm EST

We purchased Gridwalls from KC Store Fixtures.  Expensive to ship, but they look awesome.

Pinterest – a digital bulletin board.  Great for getting colorway inspiration!  Here are two that inspired me this week:



Neat coffee mug from Cafe Press, I think.  Thanks Deidre for loving me!

How to Knit a Heart Back Home by Rachael Herron.  Awesome book and series.  And Rachael Seriously rocks.


Shown in this episode:

Sock Yarn – Empress, Trickster, Cherry Blossom, Plum Crumble

Corriedale – In Search of Dragons, Wildberry Cobbler, Peacock

Superwash Merino/Tencel – Peacock, Poetic (not shown this episode), and Freya’s Cloak (the blue, charcoal and silver)

Silk – Peacock


Thank you, everyone, for a great year.  I’m really looking forward to this next one!  I hope you’ll join me.



Episode 30 – Reskeining Rules

03 Apr



(I’ll link each of these to their listings in the shop as they go live)

Rock Garden and Tiger Lily in mixed bfl/tussah silk

Federal in SW BFL

Four new spindle kits with regular bfl and maple spindles.  Bfl colorways are Our Maine Coast and Maritime (as seen on Dramatic Knits)

Lost in SW Merino/Tencel

Dionysus and Lost colorways for custom orders

Granite available for purchase.  Would look awesome with beads.



If you want to block spam comments on your wordpress blog:

1. go to your dashboard and select “widget” from the menu on the left.

2. Search for the Akismet widget.  Click on it.  When it asks you for the API key, go to step 3.

3. open a new tab on your browser and go to the Akismet site.

4. Click the blue “sign up for Akismet” button.

5. Under the pay options is a small box that says “Personal site.” Click that.

6. Fill our the info and where it asks you “how much is Akismet worth to you?” Slide the bar to zero.

7. Click Continue and get your API key.

8. Copy and paste the code into the box on the previous tab.

9. Enjoy spam free blogging!



New bags and mailing envelopes from Associated Bag Company.  Love the free samples!

I continue to receive comments, emails and messages from viewers and customers.  THANK YOU to all who have sent me kind words!

Newsletter – Sign up here or at the blog (look on the right).  Make sure you click the link in the confirmation email or you won’t receive it!  You should have April’s newsletter already if you signed up before Sunday at noon.


This week’s update will be Monday night at 6 pm EST.  Don’t miss it!  Things moved FAST last week.


The lovely yarn I sent to Patty!

Happy spinning and knitting this week!

(Pssst: There may or may not be a sneaky extra episode this week, since I forgot TWO awesome grabby hands.  Two!  Stay tuned.)



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