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Episode 35 – Fiber Faire Recap

22 May



After taking last week off due to time constraints, a new episode is up!  Woot!


On The Needles (not a regular category, but since I have something to show off this week, here’s what I’m working on:

Girasole – on the edging.  I hope to be done by Thursday! Yarn: mystery wool from my daddy

La Vie de Bois socks – on the second sock after more than a year since I finished the first one.Yarn: String Theory Yarns “nexus” base (I forgot the colorway name)

Wendyknits’ Summer Mystery Shawlette – partway through clue 2.  Yarn: Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock Yarn, colorway “The Greener Side”


I had a GREAT time at the Acadia Fiber Faire – Pictures at the bottom of the post!



My hair!  Dyed with henna from  Inexpensive, great for my hair, and looks awesome!

In the next update will be:

Sugar Maple Sock – Holiday, Plum Crumble, Summit, Terra Cotta Pot, and Dancing Nanners (not in podcast)

White Ash Worsted – Tell-Tale Heart, Paradise Lost, Out of Africa, Animal Farm, and Scarlet Letter

Pitch Pine Top – Wait a Minute (Falkland), Peacock, Beith, and Eadha (silk), and Tourmaline and The Other You (wensleydale)

White Spruce Top – Life’s Lemons, Loki’s Whim and Aegir (sw bfl), Poetic (sw merino/tencel) and Dionysus (sw merino).


Update will be Monday, May 23rd, at 6pm EST.


Grabby Hands:

Scored some Reese’s Pieces self-striping sock yarn from Fibernymph Dye Works

Bought a small bag from Thirty-One bag company for my notions.


Yarn Wall

Superwash stuff

Non-Superwash and SW BFL

That's a FULL spindle!

Katie from Knittin' on the Fly - with a FINISHED Feb Lady Sweater!


Episode 34 -Better Late Than Never

09 May


I may have called this episode 33, but really it’s 34.  I swear.



Black Cherry Lace – Blooming Crabapple, Blue Lobster, Wildflower, Clear Skies and Cardinal.

Pitch Pine Top – this week it’s Mixed BFL/Tussah silk, in a 75/25 blend.  Tiger Lily, Ultra Violet, Midnight Lavender and Sherwood.

Much more dyed up but I can’t show you until next week.  Next week I’ll be showing off all the things that I’m taking with me to the Acadia Fiber Faire.


Sometimes I get color inspiration from photos or have custom requests. Other inspiration comes from random plurk conversations.  I dyed up a colorway from a plurk conversation last week.  It’s called “Yay I’m Gay” and is in honor of a friend’s daughter who found the courage to come out to her family.  You go, girl!  It won’t be in this week’s update, but it will be in next week’s.


Grabby Hands

Two spindling book reviews: Spin It and Drop Spindle Spinning.  One is a booklet, the other is a free e-book.

Two new podcasts: one audio (Happy Crafter 207) and one video (DomestiKated Darling).  Definitely check them out!  NOTE: Needlebound’s host and Kate’s sister is LIZ.  I’m so sorry I spaced on her name!  I hope you can forgive me Liz.


Shop Update will have happened by the time this episode goes live.  Sorry!  I’ll try to do better next week.


It pains me to say this …

03 May

… but there won’t be a podcast episode or an update this week.  I’m so sorry everyone – I know I made promises in my last podcast episode.  I apologize.  I’ve been dealing with medical, emotional, and family issues this week and I’m just spent.   I’m no good to anyone like this, and so it’s best I take the week to recover.  I’ll try my best to be back in fighting form next week.  Thank you, all of you, for being understanding.


See you next week.



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