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Episode 43 – Gettin’ Grabby

31 Jul

I really will try to get shownotes up at some point. I owe you guys several episodes’ worth!

Episode 42 – Epic Mail Day

19 Jul


Week in Review

It’s official: I have a new teaching job!  It’s on the coast, about two hours South of my current location.  I’m getting an apartment which will be the new home of HH/IY.  Bear with me while I navigate the move.

Fiber Arts Retreat is August first at Medomak Camp.  I’ll be there from 2:00-6:30 with everything I can get dyed up between now and then.  I’m excited!

No shop update until after the retreat is done.

I have received awesome mail and will be receiving more awesome mail soon!

I won a contest on Knitty, which is EPICALLY AWESOME.  DVD called “Handspinning Rare Wools”, the book “Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook”, and a Fleece and Fiber Sampler – 19 rare wools, most in the grease still.  I will be blogging the spinning process of this; stay tuned!

Associated Bag sent me a goodie bag because they are so nice and because I said nice things about them.

Stephen of Dramatic Knits sent me a lovely package of goodies, including handknit socks!  I love Steve anyway, but this makes me love him even more!  The yarn will probably become monsters. 😀


Preemie Beanies – I’ve knit three while in the car lately.  Super fast and great car knitting!  There will be more of these for sure.

30th birthday socks are done!  Knit from Fibernmyph Dyeworks Amble yarn in the “Reese’s Pieces” colorway

Ishbel – Completed first two charts – contemplating following larger lace directions to use up more of the yarn.

Frog Prince – begun for my brother and sister-in-law.  Using Peace Fleece and US 7s.  Pattern is designed to be knit flat and seemed… I’m not terribly impressed by that.


Just Before Dawn, Brite’s Rainbow – Pitch Pine Top – 83% Texas Kid Mohair, 15% Nylon, 2% Superfine Merino

Loki’s Whim – White Spruce Top – SW BFL

Loki’s Whim, Lobster Pot – Pitch Pine Top – Mixed BFL

Loki’s Whim, Up to Camp – Pitch Pine Top – Corriedale Cross

Limitless – White Spruce Top – 60% SW Merino, 30% Bamboo, 10% Nylon

Up To Camp, Jem – Pitch Pine Top – Falkland

Brite’s Rainbow – Sugar Maple Sock

Goldfinch, Lobster Pot, View from Above – Silver Maple Sock (check out SMorancie’s Lobster Pot Shawl)


New squeeze bottles that hold 16 and 32 ounces (versus the 12 ounces I could use before).  Bought them from Pro Chemical and Dye – less than $2 each!


Highland Handmades is participating in the Trifecta of Awesome Yarn Club!!  Three dyers, three packages of yarnie goodness.  Click the link to get to the Ravelry group to learn all about it.

Grabby Hands

Visited a new yarn shop in Presque Isle, about 2.5 hours North of us – Yarn, Glass and More.  Bought Noro and Malabrigo!  Awesome.



Episode 41 – Hangin’ Out with Katie

11 Jul


Knitting and Spinning

30th Birthday Socks – 1 is done, 2 is nearing completion!

Ishbel – beginning the lace portion

Evenstar – getting through chart 3; just past the 2nd set of Evenstars.

Finn roving from Heron Crossing Farm



The Rom – Pitch Pine Top – 60% sw merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon

Dionysus, Midnight Lavender, New School Clothes – Sugar Maple Sock – 75% sw wool, 25% nylon

Dionysus, The Rom – Silver Maple Sock – 60% sw merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon

New School Closed – Mixed BFL 25% black BFL, 75% ecru BFL

New School Clothes – Pitch Pine Top – 83% Texas kid mohair, 15% nylon, 2% superfine merino

Peacock – Pitch Pine Top – Corriedale cross

Peacock – Pin Cherry Lace – 80% merino, 20% silk

Midnight Lavender – Pitch Pine Top – Falkland



Got my fiber back from the processing mill!

Alpaca – white, fauwn and dark fawn (cria alpaca!)

Sheep – Cotswold/Romney cross

These will eventually be put into the shop



If you have a process you’d like me to talk about, let me know!  Leave a comment here or message me (boutrosbabe on Ravelry and Plurk).

Grabby Hands

Knitter’s Magazine – lots of sweaters, mostly trapeze sweaters.  Not a lot that is great, but a few things worth looking at.


Episode 40 – The Pretties

03 Jul






Finished the Oven Mitt Socks!  Knit out of Enchanted Knoll Farms Superwash Sock (unnamed colorway).  Knit on US 1s /2.25 mm needles.  Cast off with EZ’s sewn bind off.
Finished the first of the 30th Birthday Socks.  Knit out of Fibernymph Dyeworks Amble base in the “Reese’s Pieces” colorway.  Doing 30 stripes per sock (one per year).  Knit on US 2/ 2.75mm.  Pattern is standard toe-up recipe, this time with an afterthought heel.

Not much progress on Evenstar.

With my handspun I will be casting on an Ishbel (pattern by Ysolda Teague).  The Shetland is working up awesomely.  Using US 5/3.75 mm needles.


Spinning a lovely batt gifted to me by Tina (knitterphreek).  It’s from Politically Incorrect Fibers and is a One Night Stand batt – one that is non-repeatable.  This one is called “Colton” and is purple, pink, and white.  It is comprised of merino, faux angora, and angelina.


Firestarter, Greenwood – White Spruce Top – 60% SW Merino, 30% Bamboo, 10% Nylon

Bushel/Harvest, Fallen Angel – Pitch Pine Top – 75% Ecru BFL, 25% Black BFL

Firestarter, Pink Lemonade, Federal – Pitch Pine Top – 83% Texas Kid Mohair, 2% Superfine Merino, 15% Nylon

Pink Lemonade, Loki’s Whim, Uath, Muir – Pitch Pine Top – Tussah Silk

Bearded Iris – Pitch Pine Top – Corriedale Cross

Loki’s Whim, Thor’s Hammer, Freya’s Cloak – White Spruce Top – 50% SW Merino, 50% Tencel

Loki’s Whim – Sugar Maple Sock – 75% SW Wool, 25% Nylon

Firestarter – Silver Maple Sock – 60% SW Merino, 30% Bamboo, 10% Nylon

Granite, Blue Lobster – Black Cherry Lace – 100% Fine Merino

Frost, Sea Glass – Pin cherry Lace – 80% Fine Merino, 20% Silk



Using a cookie cooling rack to allow dye to drop down into the sink instead of running around in the turkey roaster.  Keeps the color changes crisp and clean.



Sent a spindle to the west coast for possible wholesale partnership.  Fingers crossed!


Grabby Hands

I received my books from the Hurt Book Sale – Knitted Lace of Estonia and New England Knits.  A little disappointed, but they will be added to my bookshelf nonetheless.




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