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Episode 60 – Gifts Galore

29 Dec

Episode 59 – A Pretty Good Week

22 Dec

Episode 58 – Productive Procrastination

16 Dec






Growth Processes

Grabby Hands


Episode 57 – Now with More Caffeine

03 Dec



Poor Poet’s Mitts by Wendy Johnson knit out of Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock in “New Saris”

Cthulu Mittens by Diana Stafford.  Changed pattern to top-down, and reversed the coloring.  Because doing colorwork for the first time wasn’t hard enough!

French Press Slippers by French Press Knits will be coming up soon, as will an EZ dickie.  Yup.






Basswood Bulky – Poetic, Blue Skies and Buttercups, Kennebec.
Mixed BFL – Poetic

Played around with self-striping; what a pain!  Will be working through my problems to get a better outcome next time.



Using a stick to help wind hanks of yarn tightly.  Such a simple easy trick!

Finding a way to get my working mojo back – sometimes it’s as easy as identifying the issue and doing something else!



Taught the LYS owner how to spin with an HH spindle!


Grabby Hands – great lists of holiday gifts for knitters!

Won yarn from Ethereal Fibers!  Sock yarn in the 100 Joules colorway.  I LOVE IT!


THANKS to Debbilynn for the generous podcast donation!  Also thanks to knitpsycho for the pattern.  Such a lovely surprise.




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