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Episode 68 – Ralph Revisited

24 Feb


This is actually episode 68, not 67 like I say.  Sorry.  This is a bit of a long one, as always happens when I have Katie over.  Enjoy!





Monkey socks – ripped out

Baby socks to be knit with her Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber leftovers.

Acrylic hat from HO bin – ripped out

Dish Cloth

Civil War Shawl – Huge epicness, which is being worked on slowly.


Derry Raglan Cowl – Done first set of increases

Winter Birches Mitts – part of the Cast on for Yenforyarn.  Starting the tree now.

Cthulu Mittens – getting there slooooooowly




Fixing her wheel

BartlettYarns Pencil Roving in Mountain Laurel





Trifecta fiber is getting dyed up.  Hope to get that out early next week.

Sugar Maple Sock – Sea Glass (this will be a discounted OOPS colorway), Prism, Survivor, and I Love You Every Day.



Filling out Fiber Frolic Application



Will hold off until next week.


Grabby Hands


Big Bang Theory on DVD


Nerd Lacquer fingernail polish.  I bought Beggar’s Canyon – SO FREAKING AWESOME!!



Episode 67 – Potty Mouth

23 Feb


Sorry about the delay in posting this to the blog.  I totally forgot!


Episode 66 – Addict

09 Feb






Felted Slippers

Cthulu Mittens

Derry Raglan and Cowl






Silver Maple Sock – The Chosen One

SW Merino/Tencel – The Chosen One

Working on catching up on custom orders and getting the Bouncin’ with Brodie dyed up.  I’ll be dyeing for Trifecta after next week’s shop update.  LOVE THE FIBER!

As soon as possible, I’ll be casting on the winter birches for Lisa.  I feel guilty that she had surgery today and I couldn’t knit love her way.

Growth – in talks with a friend about dyeing a colorway to go with a retreat that she is doing.  Be a great way to get my stuff into other people’s hands.

Processes – Looking at possibly ordering some very large space bags to put yarn in to go to SSK.  If it works, it’ll be great.  If not, I don’t know what I’ll do.  Still time to think about it.

Grabby Hands – Downton Abbey.  I know everyone is watching it and talking about it, but there’s a reason – it’s LOVELY!  Such a well crafted story.  Season 1 is on Netflix instant and season 2 (most of it) is on

Episode 65 – Brodie and Brian

01 Feb

Shownotes soon, I hope. Enjoy!

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