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Episode 150 – Final Countdown

26 Mar

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Blog Tour – Love Hacked by Penny Reid (Author Interview and More)

18 Mar

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By now, I think you all know that I love to read as much as I love to knit.  It’s why I’m excited to share this book with y’all.  Love Hacked is a contemporary romance novel with tons of sizzle, plenty of conflict, a stunningly hot hero and (of course) the love of a good knit group.

I’m participating in the Love Hacked Blog Tour as a way to both introduce this wicked awesome book to you AND to give you the opportunity to win amazing prizes!

You can read my review of the book here and buy it in the following locations:

Amazon (US)
Amazon (UK)
B&N Nook

Here are, in no particular order, some of my favorite quotes from and about the hero, Alex:

alex 3alex 2 alex

I KNOW, right?  This book is bursting at the seams with sexiness.

Don’t believe me?  How about an excerpt?  This is from Sandra and Alex’s first kiss:

His hands gripped my waist—not my arms, which my pickled brain thought was noteworthy—and duly steadied and unsettled me with his nearness. His proximity and touch caused a zing—yes, a zing—from the back of my neck to my fingertips and heretofore neglected womanly pelvic region. The heat of his hands bled through the thin material of my dress, settled just above my hips, and this sensation paired with the zing sobered me slightly.  I hadn’t experienced a zing with a man—or a boy—or a man-boy—in a very, very long time.

“Well, h-hello.” I stuttered, lifted my eyes and found his, once again, singularly focused on my mouth.   A new zing sailed southward, past my female equipment to my tiptoes.   Ah, how I missed the zing!

We stood silent, inches from each other, sharing the same breath.  “Three years is a long time.” He said, his voice achingly seductive.

I frowned because I was confused, but whispered, “Yes. And fettuccini noodles are too thick.”

He frowned, but his attention didn’t waver from my lips. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“I don’t know. You said three years is a long time. I thought we were sharing random opinions.”

Alex laughed—it sounded a bit nervous, but I couldn’t be sure, and shook his head. “Sandra, what do you say? I think it’s well past time you had a kiss.” His eyes flickered to mine. I noted they were still guarded, wizened; but they were also heated and every shade of licentious lapis imaginable.

In a word, delightful.

I licked my lips, gathered a deep breath through my nose, considered the offer.   He was maybe twenty-three; more likely he was twenty-two. That was six years younger than my twenty-eight. The six years between twenty-two and twenty-eight was a vast minefield of life experience and a thick forest of emotional maturity.

We were on different emotion planets.

I was looking for the guy. I was looking for my life partner. I wasn’t looking for a dangerous yet delicious looking youngster waiter with a chip on his shoulder.

Then again…

Alex was manlicious in a way that I rarely encountered. And he wanted to kiss me. And he wasn’t crying. Triple bonus.

Okay, I thought, psyching myself up, yes, let’s do this. Let’s go wild, just this once. Kiss the boy. Kiss the boy and round the bases. Look for your life partner tomorrow.

Before I lost my nerve, I kissed him.


It was brief, sudden; a drive by kiss and I savored his stunned soft mouth. Then I leaned just my head away and glanced at him. He had such a great mouth and he’d parted it slightly in surprise.

I nodded. “Okay, just one more.” I kissed him again, fast but with more pressure this time, planted my lips to his and breathed in through my nose.


Then, reluctantly, I leaned away again and immediately said, “Just one more kiss after this-”

He interrupted my assertion by mouthlesting me; meaning, he affixed his lips to mine and kissed me good and thorough.


Thick, urgent tongue invasion; biting; sucking and stroking. As he assaulted me in the best way possible, I was vaguely aware that he’d backed me into and against the corner of the small alcove, just under the stairs. His feet braced apart and his body towered over mine, filled every inch of available space; his fingers dug into my side and back in a way that felt aggressive.

I approved.

Then, abruptly, he pulled just a centimeter away. Breathing hard he said, “One more meaning that kiss?”

I hazily blinked my eyes and opened my abused lips to respond; however, before I could, he pressed me against the wall with his imposing frame, rocked against me—center to center—and growled, “Or, this kiss?”


His every day voice was a thing of beauty; but his growly voice made me want to lick his face.

The mouthlesting moved from misdemeanor to a felony crime against all women other than me. He employed tongue, teeth, lips in a way that drove all thought beyond this kiss from my mind. We existed, just the two of us, in our kiss cocoon. In that moment, strangers though we were, I allowed him to take in a way I hadn’t known I was capable of giving.

I’d lit the fuse and, God bless him, he’d provided the fireworks. Life was good.

I repeat – I KNOW, RIGHT?

Okay.  So all of the stuff above is reason enough to buy the book (books, really, since you should own Neanderthal Seeks Human and Friends Without Benefits, too).  BUT one of the best reasons is author Penny herself.  I did a brief interview with her today and chatted about books, knitting, being your own boss, and more.  We even hear the official release date of Neanderthal Marries Human, the next book in the Knitting in the City Series (I KNOW RIGHT?)!  I will warn you that my voice is a little soft in comparison to Penny’s (audio control issues) so be aware of that.  Also – all the weird hand movements happening off camera are me petting my dog who was trying to bark.  It was G-rated, I promise!

Watch the video here or click play below.


 Isn’t Penny great?  In addition to being smart and hilarious, she’s holding an epic giveaway.  Which, if you watched the video, you already know.  Enter the Rafflecopter contest below for a chance to win MEGA amounts of books and a fantastic signed bag to carry them all in!
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Thanks so much to Penny Reid and Indie Sage Promotions for allowing TFF to be a stop on the blog tour for Love Hacked.  If you liked this post and would like to see more like it on TFF, leave me a comment to let me know!

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