Episode 40 – The Pretties

03 Jul






Finished the Oven Mitt Socks!  Knit out of Enchanted Knoll Farms Superwash Sock (unnamed colorway).  Knit on US 1s /2.25 mm needles.  Cast off with EZ’s sewn bind off.
Finished the first of the 30th Birthday Socks.  Knit out of Fibernymph Dyeworks Amble base in the “Reese’s Pieces” colorway.  Doing 30 stripes per sock (one per year).  Knit on US 2/ 2.75mm.  Pattern is standard toe-up recipe, this time with an afterthought heel.

Not much progress on Evenstar.

With my handspun I will be casting on an Ishbel (pattern by Ysolda Teague).  The Shetland is working up awesomely.  Using US 5/3.75 mm needles.


Spinning a lovely batt gifted to me by Tina (knitterphreek).  It’s from Politically Incorrect Fibers and is a One Night Stand batt – one that is non-repeatable.  This one is called “Colton” and is purple, pink, and white.  It is comprised of merino, faux angora, and angelina.


Firestarter, Greenwood – White Spruce Top – 60% SW Merino, 30% Bamboo, 10% Nylon

Bushel/Harvest, Fallen Angel – Pitch Pine Top – 75% Ecru BFL, 25% Black BFL

Firestarter, Pink Lemonade, Federal – Pitch Pine Top – 83% Texas Kid Mohair, 2% Superfine Merino, 15% Nylon

Pink Lemonade, Loki’s Whim, Uath, Muir – Pitch Pine Top – Tussah Silk

Bearded Iris – Pitch Pine Top – Corriedale Cross

Loki’s Whim, Thor’s Hammer, Freya’s Cloak – White Spruce Top – 50% SW Merino, 50% Tencel

Loki’s Whim – Sugar Maple Sock – 75% SW Wool, 25% Nylon

Firestarter – Silver Maple Sock – 60% SW Merino, 30% Bamboo, 10% Nylon

Granite, Blue Lobster – Black Cherry Lace – 100% Fine Merino

Frost, Sea Glass – Pin cherry Lace – 80% Fine Merino, 20% Silk



Using a cookie cooling rack to allow dye to drop down into the sink instead of running around in the turkey roaster.  Keeps the color changes crisp and clean.



Sent a spindle to the west coast for possible wholesale partnership.  Fingers crossed!


Grabby Hands

I received my books from the Hurt Book Sale – Knitted Lace of Estonia and New England Knits.  A little disappointed, but they will be added to my bookshelf nonetheless.




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