Episode 52 – 2nd Verse, Same as the 1st

19 Oct



Rainbow Rib Socks – tore out the heel, put in an afterthought.  I think I’ll like it better.

Sock Yarn Baby Sweater by Hannah Fettig

My Wish shawl has a deadline.  Will I make it?

Got my “Stash Dasher 2011” pin from The knit Girllls



BartlettYarns pencil roving in “Mountain Blue”.  First 1/4 done.  It is very neppy/rustic, but it looks great.

Southdown from the sample pack I got from The Spinning Loft.  It is spinning SO WONDERFULLY!  So much finer, more even, and lovey than I’d anticipated.



Corriedale fiber: Hope, Happy Jack, Blue Lobster, Just Before Dawn

SW Merino: Roses in HD, Brite’s Rainbow, Loki’s Whim



Lined Beanie is almost ready to be released!  Last test knitter is finishing now.



Will be dropping off a spindle to the owner of my LYS on the coast.  Will also give her a mini lesson; I hope this translates into a paying teaching gig down the road.


Grabby Hands

Extreme Double Knitting by Alasdair Post-Quinn.  FANTASTIC book.  I can’t wait to start knitting from this book!



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  1. Enid Mary Shaw says:

    very entertaining

  2. Kathom says:

    Thank you for the great podcast and the book review.

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