Episode 54 – An Embarassment of Riches

02 Nov



Lined Beanie for Hubs in the larger size.



Plied the Southdown – very little ply definition, but it is soooo smushy!  I got 96 yards of a 2-ply from just over an ounce.



Sugar Maple: Throne Room, Through the Woods, Plum Crumble, Beach House,

Black Cherry Lace: all the ones from last week, plus Goldenrod, Wild Roses, Dead Man’s Fingers

Mixed BFL: New Saris

Superwash Merino: Roses in HD

Superwash BFL; Throne Room



Writing up Patterns: I start with the knitting, and take notes as I go.  I photograph the finished object before I write up the pattern, because that way I know how big the pics are and where to work around them.  I create a document in MS Word, using two columns on a page.  I insert a colored text box with important info to make it pop a bit.  As I write up the pattern, I try to keep the directions conversational to reduce confusion.  Once it’s all on the page, I play with margins and such to get things to look just right.  When I’m happy with it, I save it as a .pdf file so anyone can get it/read it.  You can download Primo PDF or use an online site (google “pdf converter”).



Trying to have a big update this week.  I hope you enjoy it all!


Grabby Hands

Knit Picks Palette – in Tarragon and Aurora Heather for some Cthulu Mittens for my brother.

Books – My Grandmother’s Knitting, Tiny-Tiny Mochimochi, and Wendy Knits Lace.

Politically Incorrect Fibers – One Night Stand batts.  Colorway is “Jasper.”  I love it so so so much!

Kilby Ridge Farm – Icelandic sheep farm.  LOVE THEM SO MUCH!  Got two fleeces from them.  I bought two fleece: “Cookie,” a dark brown, and “Kate,” a  lighter golden.  Also bought two skeins of a lopi style yarn, 4 oz of roving.


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