Episode 56 – Finally an FO

17 Nov



The Sock Yarn Baby Sweater is DONE!

Saartje’s Booties in HH Sugar Maple in a test green and Knitter’s Brewing Company in a yellow (I forget the colorway name).  They are for a baby being born to my principal and his wife.

Poor Poet’s Mitts by Wendy Johnson will be cast on soon.


Spinning – nada



Silver Maple Sock – Survivor

White Spruce Top – 60% SW Merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon – Firestarter, Throne Room, and Just Before Dawn.  These are all progressively dyed

Pitch Pine Top – 100% Tussah Silk – Just Before Dawn, Throne Room, and a plain orange



Buttons are availale in the shop now!



Stay tuned … info about a warping board upcoming!


Grabby Hands

Student Knits Video Podcast.  She’s in Cornwall, England and is adorable.  Check her out!  Remember that if you view podcasts on our blogs, we podcasters get a small amount of money for each view.  iTunes doesn’t allow this to happen.  Something to think about.


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  1. 1bizywoman says:

    I’m so glad that you mentioned that podcasts get paid by blip or whatever they use rather than iTunes who don’t pay you. I”m like you, I can’t send in donations, but if I can watch a videocast and help offset costs by watching via their blog, I’ll do it. So many of the videocasts that I watch now won’t play on my iPod anymore, so this helps out the podcasters and it gives me an excellent reason to check out the show notes, too!
    Also wanted to thank you for explaining that bit about snapping the silk fibers. I have to admit that I was knitting on a project during your show and was in a troubling spot at the time, so I was listening but not watching. That is until you mentioned catguts. Then I had to pay attention! LOL I’ve learned a lot watching your pocast and what you do to run your business. NOt sure how you do it with teaching during the day and dyeing your yarn/fiber at night. You’ve got a great husband who definitely supports your “habit” and your business!
    Thanks for a great podcast that I love to watch! Katie (Knitting on the fly) sent me your way a while back and I’m so glad I listened to/watched her! Talk about an enabler! She a “one-man” salesforce! LOL

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