Episode 58 – Productive Procrastination

16 Dec






Growth Processes

Grabby Hands


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  1. penelope10 says:

    I would leave the mitts! Very nice!!
    Love the pendants, all kinds of possibilities!
    Have a fabulous christmas!
    BTW, I have seen some snow flakes!!! Penny

  2. Kathom says:

    You might want to try threading several strands of elastic thread into the cuff to see if it will pull in before you rip out and reknit. The mittens is beautiful!

  3. Brook says:

    It is too late now, but if you ever need to knit with 3 strands again, you can easily get them strait from one ball of yarn by chaining. Think Navajo plying, only with finished yarn. I used this method for FP slippers and it worked like a charm!

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