Episode 71 – Hitting the Wall

15 Mar

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  1. sue says:

    I hope your re-energised very soon as you look so tired out. I have only ever suffered from 1 migraine in my life which was after my daughter’s 8th birthday and it was terrible. I hope you dont have anymore of them in future. Your yarns look absolutely gorgeous and the green one has to be my favourite. One day I might be able to snag some of your yarn to add to my stash. Happy 2nd Podiversary too for April!

  2. Angela says:

    Love, love, love your surprise guest! I have been watching for him on podcasts (he did give a hint) and just squee’d when I saw him walk by behind you!

  3. Yes, I was shocked….and very disappointed that he was in Maine and I didn’t get to meet him!!!

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