Episode 75 – So Much Awesome

13 Apr




FINISHED the My Wish Shawl!  Felt soooo good to get something off the needles.  Blocked it to have points and wore it to school today.

Started square #3 for baby afghan project.  Was told about the Dream Catcher Baby Blanket by Susan B. Anderson.  Will be using some of those squares for sure.  Thanks for the suggestions!

Taking MOST of my in-progress knitting with me, plus yarn for a Lined Beanie for one of my husband’s co-workers.



Is this still a section?



Fiber this go round: 100% Tussah Silk and 100% SW BFL, in “Life’s Lemons,” “Cherry Blossom,” and “Call Me.”  That last one is a Paul colorway – inspiration from the back of a video game.  Will be donating a skein to the Knit Me Happy podcast for her to spin up or give away as a prize or whatnot – nice to know I’m not alone.

ONE self-striping in “Kolohe” – Hawaiian for “Rascal.”  Another Paul colorway, inspiration taken from a Monster energy drink can that he found laying around (empty) at work.

Bouncin’ With Brodie yarns are all dyed up and will be out this weekend.  Also dyed up some more custom yarn.

Fiber order coming in Monday up in the mountains – will be dyeing during vacation.  Yeay!

Will have TWO spindles in this update, too – a midweight and heavyweight cherry.  Featherweight prototype is here; needs a bit of fine tuning before production.



Warping board/self-striping.  I feel like I can share because my method is poor.  Someday I’ll get a real warping board, but for now (and for free), it works for me.



Instead of reviewing Beyond Knit and Purl this week, I opted to participate in a blog tour with Kate Atherly.  There are a bunch of bloggers/podcasters who are talking about this wonderful book – my date to do that is Wednesday, April 18th.  I’ve upped my game for this one, so there will be a formal review (read: I’ll have excellent notes and a minimum of umms).  I’m so excited to be a part of my first ever official “tour”!


Grabby Hands:

SO MANY wonderful people have offered up prizes for the Podiversary.  I hope you’ll all visit their sites.  If you like what you see (even if you don’t win next week), be sure to drop the gift givers/businesspeople a note to tell them you like their stuff.  It means something, I promise.

Jetgirl1313: stitch markers x 2 and a project bag

Laughloveknit: 2 patterns from her shop – she has 15 to choose from, knit AND crochet, colorwork, cables … all sorts.

Eardornment Etc.: Stitchmarkers!  I can’t show you these because they are in the mountains, but trust me – they are LOVELY.

Spinning friend 1: – A skein of Highland Handmades handspun … she spun this herself and it’s gorgeous.  It’s the “Happy Jack” colorway.

Spinning friend 2: Not one, but FOUR skeins of handspun!!  OMG!!!  Two skeins of Peacock and two skeins of Greenwood.  She sent a shawlette, too, (the tgv by Susan Ashcroft) but my husband has already said it’s too pretty to give away, and that “I” should keep it.   Actually he said I was supposed to give it away.  I emailed the donor for clarification, because if I give it away and it was meant for me, I’ll kick myself forever.  If it’s to be gifted, I will … grudgingly.  Debating between breaking up into 1 skein/winner or keeping like colorways together for bigger project options.  Thoughts?

Shop update will be FRIDAY at 7pm EDT – that should give me time to get to the mountains before the update is supposed to happen.  Everything you saw last week and this week will be in there.



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  1. Mim58 says:

    So much awesomeness, indeed! The “My Wish” shawl is lovely. I’m in love with the Kolohe colorway! Hope to get some one day.

    Congratulations on your podiversary.

  2. Mippy says:

    This is one of my fave episodes you have done. Idk why it just is…thank you for sharing about endo and just for being you. You made meh smile LOTS and giggle some as well 🙂
    I’d say split the yarn for your podiversary but idk having it together would be cool as well 🙂
    Thank you for an awesome episode! 🙂 Have a terrific weekend! 🙂

  3. Kim (denalicats on rav) says:

    Wow! Just found your podcast. Loved it!! So peppy and vibrant! Now I will have to go back and watch all of your earlier episodes…ahhh, such a hardship. I have a friend that has endo and I know the pain that she suffers through so I am glad you shared your story. Must go join your rav group and hey! Congrats on podiversary!!!

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