Episode 79 – Dirty Girls

28 May

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  1. lifexhistory says:

    I’ve been watching for ages now, but have not posted. But have to post today because your dog looks just like MY dog and I love my big black labby beastie! Love the video cast!

  2. Heather N says:

    I don’t mean to be rude and am not upset or anything.

    But this is the second time I just cannot listen through a pod/video cast, when either of you are together, or at your home/webcam mic.

    I have turned down my blip volume to the bare minimum and have my computer volume down to level 2 and have my headset down to where I can barely hear you, in my quiet room.

    Yet the mic is still super sensitive and capping out (if that is the right word) to where it hurts to hear you guys speak or I cannot understand what is being said.

    I have awesome normal hearing and am not in need of a hearing aide or what have you.

    I can only let you know of my listening issue and request that you can some how get a different mic set up, because this is not just a one time thing, but is a set up issue at this location.

    I am a huge fan of both podcasts and your yarn/fiber/spindles. I will just have to wait for an episode at the apartment with that mic/camera set up.

    Keep up the great episodes~ I look forward to them. 🙂

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