Episode 96 – Layin’ Pipe

11 Oct



Hats for Grammy link is here.

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  1. I used a bread knife to cut my PVC pipe for my warping board, because I’m just weird that way. It’s really hard to injure yourself with a breadknife (which is just as well), and it worked well.
    I totally need a Lazy Susan for my warping setup. Reaching around is the hardest part of winding…

  2. Jane R says:

    You have probably already found this, but just in case, Home Depot sells a pvc cutter. It’s like a scissors on steroids and cuts through 1/2″ pvc like butter. I bought it for my husband but I have used it myself for store displays and I haven’t cut off anything that shouldn’t be cut off yet. Plus it’s not very expensive. If you ever have a need to cut more pipe it might be worth looking into.

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