Episode 104 – It’s Been a Week

19 Dec

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  1. Joeli says:

    Thanks for the lovely review!

  2. Ashleah says:

    A Wesley colorway could be the color of his eyes + black for the Dred Pirate Roberts. Buttercup said his eyes were “like the sea after a storm.” 🙂

  3. Please post this one instead. I typed my web page wrong in the first submission. Thanks.

    I found you through the link on the Cooperative Press Facebook page.

    I enjoyed this episode so much.

    Your frustration with screwing up your mittens touched my heart, and I appreciated your honest reaction–I got quite a kick out of it and even a laugh, despite my feeling totally sorry for you. I soooo understand how it feels to screw up a project. My relating to how you felt is what made me smile through my tears. I recently blogged about the same thing. Thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone.

    Hang in there, and best wishes for a great 2013. I hope your hubby feels better soon.

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