Episode 110 – Lots of Goodies!

07 Feb

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  1. Bernadette says:

    Enjoyed your podcast! I am usually a lurker (international One), your monologue at the end of your podcast was very well expressed. As a knitter who uses knitting podcasts as my knitting group I have always admired and enjoyed the positive and community aspect of the podcasts. I do not like discontent, but do understand that as the list of knitting podcast grows there is a greater chance of this happening. Hopefully viewing the long standing podcasts will still bring me great happiness and lots of knitting. Take care.

  2. Just got the time to watch this episode, loved it! So positive. I don’t understand it why people feel the need to apologize about “lighting” or a room being in disarray or talking about what is going on in their life! I mean, it’s a knitting/fibre podcast – but you’re human, you’re not a professional actor on a movie set! I hear podcasters apologizing all the time for “life” and I think it’s so sad that people must have complained at some point for anyone to feel the need to apologize.
    I watch because I think you’re awesome. You are funny, you’re intelligent, you’re talented, and now you’re my friend 🙂 Rant over! LOL
    Hope you don’t have too much trouble finding the 5 grams for the socks! I use What’sApp all the time, it’s my main way of keeping in contact with my friends and family in Canada while I am in Australia. Your package from Scotland was Amazeballs!!!

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