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18 Oct

I am working on the next episode of TFF – I took some video while at Fiber Maine-ia, the fiber show I vended at this past weekend.  I have TWO neat interviews to show you, but while I’m editing the video I thought I’d share a clip my husband Paul took of me tonight as I reskeined yarn.  I’m actually holding the yarn while my assistant Heather B. winds it onto the swift.  The entire process is done by hand and is both hilarious and pathetic.  I so so so need to get a Crazy Monkey Electric Skein Winder!  Anyone who donates towards the skeiner (click the donate button on the right) will get a shout out on the podcast and if you donate $20 or more, I’ll send you a free “Fiberista” t-shirt.

Clearly, people, I need help!

Disclaimer: I do say the “F” word at least once.  Please use discretion when viewing.

PS The yarn, if you’re wondering, is some of my new worsted weight singles yarn in an as-yet unnamed colorway.  It’ll be up in the Etsy shop soon.

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  1. Shannon N. says:

    Loved this video. you know without the yarn that could be the new hottest dance move. LOL. Keep up the good work.

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