Episode 16 – Getting the Stuff

30 Nov

In this episode, Heather tells you where to get the stuff you need to start your business.  Woo hoo!

Fiber and Yarn Sellers (small scale.  Wholesalers will be addressed in a future episode):

Knit Picks

Paradise Fibers

The Sheep Shed Studio

Acme Fibres



Dye Producers (remember to look for the type of dye and whether or not you need more chemicals):

Jaquard -acid dyes

Cushing – acid (animal) and direct (plant) are on the same page.

Procion – Jaquard’s cellulose (plant) dyes

Pro Chemical and Dye – select the correct sidebar tab for the fiber you’ll be dyeing

Earthues – natural, plant-based dyes.

Country Classics – sold by Paradise Fibers

RIT – check out their awesome color blending guide


You’ll also need a small digital scale and some squirt bottles.  Have FUN with it!

I apologize if this video seems a bit choppy – I went off on a tangent or two and had to cut more than eight minutes  out of the video!

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