Episode 24 – The One With Animals

20 Feb

In this episode, I  get my taxes done, show off my socks-in-progress, do a book and podcast review, and fend off various animals. I apologize for the quality of the video – my webcam couldn’t stay focused. I will work on it for next week (if I have to use my digital camera, I will).


Outright – my accounting software that creates awesome reports to take to your tax preparer.

Intention Yarns – the winner’s yarn is on its way (I’ll show the yarn after the new owner gets it).

Focus Socks (Rav Link). I don’t know if I mentioned it last week or not, but the pattern is Wendyknits Socks From the Toe Up vanilla sock pattern (using the slipped stitch heel).

New Podcast – Dramatic Knits. The podcaster, Steven, gives one a lot to think about! We like him a LOT.

Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes by Sasha Duerr. Does anyone know of a terrific beginner resource for using natural dyes?

Spindle Giveaway – Congrats to the winner! Email me your snail mail address and I’ll send it out as soon as it is varnished.

Poll Question:
What kind of lace yarn do you like? Solid color? Semi-solid color? Monochrome (lights, mediums, and darks of a particular color)? Or a true variegated? I’m dyeing up lace yarn this week, so let me know!

12 Responses

  1. Alynxia says:

    I would prefer a monochromatic semisolid for the laceweight. Enough variegation to show that it’s handdyed, but it doesn’t interfere with a complex pattern.

  2. Chrystal says:

    I personally prefer a semi-solid and usually a light or medium color. In my opinion is shows off the beautiful stitch pattern. Sometimes the pattern is lost in the dark or variegated yarns, I think.

  3. Patti says:

    I really like semi solids and monochromatics for lace. Most lace patterns are fairly intricate, and you don’t want to do all that work to have the pattern lost in brightly colored variegated yarn. That’s my 2 cents.

  4. Brina says:

    Semi solids are nice

  5. TracyB says:

    Fabulous, as usual! But, do you have a pet cricket?

    As for lace, definitely not variegated.

  6. geal says:

    I love semisolids espcially after i knitted my mom the luna moth shawl in yellow. see on my projects page (sailorjuliet). It came out more beautiful than imagined

  7. admin says:

    Tracy – there are crickets in my house, but they aren’t really “pets” – they are food for my gecko that is in the same room. I don’t even hear them chirping any more, I’m so used to the sound. Could you hear them on the podcast? that’s kinda funny. I hope it wasn’t distracting!

  8. admin says:

    Lala – you know what’s funny? Someone is sending me that book. I hope it’s better than the one I have!

  9. SarahBeez says:

    I vote for solids, semi-solids &/or the monochromatic in a lace weight… I like variegated and would buy some especially if I liked the colors but I feel like variegated really can take away from the stitch patterns…

    I loved seeing your animals!! I didn’t realize you had another cat, I think that was his? first appearance!

  10. admin says:

    Yes, Zedd doesn’t bother himself to move much, hence the reason he’s seldom on camera. Briggs has to be up in my business so matter WHAT I’m doing, so she’s been on a lot. Jackson was just being a turd and had to interrupt my love of the cat. He’s so jealous.

  11. three things:

    1) Jackson is the spitting image of my old dog, Koby, who was a black lab/rott/dobi mix. Is he a pure bred?

    2) Natural Dyeing by Jackie Crook is a good book. It lists the dyes by the part of the plant: ie:roots/stalks, veggies/fruits, etc and has step by step processes for each. It also has a little box of what the different mordants do to the dyes on yarn, so there is a point of comparison.

    3) As a sole proprietorship, do you pay in taxes on your income throughout the year (like the way a full time employee pays in), or do you take care of it all during the income tax filing? I can’t find anything on the IRS website as to which is acceptable for a small biz.

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