Episode 32 – Dancing Nanners

17 Apr





Sugar Maple Sock Yarn – Sea Glass, Heather’s Dilemma, Terra Cotta Pot, and Dancing Nanners

Falkland – Wait a Minute, Canopy and Acadia

Corriedale – Peacock, They’re Not Brown They’re Hazel and Acadia

Silk – Gort, Uath, Iogh, Luis, and Peacock

Superwash Merino/Tencel – Peacock

There will be one spindle kit up for grabs that will have Peacock in corriedale and a heavy spindle. 

I dyed up a bunch of lace yarn, but it won’t be entering the shop as I’m holding it for the show.  If Monday’s update goes well, I will order more lace and dye some up for y’all.  I just need to make sure I have inventory! 😀



Still doing custom orders; love to do it whenever possible.  I usually dye up extra so I have some to sell in the shop.


Growing the Business

SquareUp – inexpensive credit card reader to use at shows.  Looks awesome, I tried it and it works – I can’t wait to use it at shows!


Grabby Hands

Magna Cart – collapsible hand truck/dolly to cart around the Grid Walls.  I bought it at Lowe’s (I said Home Depot in the podcast but that was wrong).  I love that it folds up!


To find me: Boutrosbabe on plurk and ravelry, fiberistafiles on Twitter, and my email is heatherAThighlandhandmadesDOTcom.


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