It pains me to say this …

03 May

… but there won’t be a podcast episode or an update this week.  I’m so sorry everyone – I know I made promises in my last podcast episode.  I apologize.  I’ve been dealing with medical, emotional, and family issues this week and I’m just spent.   I’m no good to anyone like this, and so it’s best I take the week to recover.  I’ll try my best to be back in fighting form next week.  Thank you, all of you, for being understanding.


See you next week.



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  1. ac says:

    Don’t think twice about this. Taking care of your family and yourself is more important than anything on the net.

  2. KnittingArchaeologist says:

    *HUGS* hope everything gets better soon!!! scratch the doggies and the kitties they make everything better

  3. Melody B. says:

    Aw I’m so sorry to hear about how life has treated you this week. It’s ok don’t worry about the podcast, we’ll be here whenever you are feeling up to returning. Praying for you.

  4. PattyO says:

    Here’s hoping that next week is better for you!

  5. Lisa says:

    I’m sorry things are crappy right now, Heather! Please take care of yourself. I’ll say a prayer for you. But if it helps, my beautiful Blue Lobster yarn was waiting for me when I got back from St. Louis late Sunday night, and I love it so much! I cannot wait to knit with it. With any luck, it will become an Evenstar. 🙂

  6. Hey, don’t worry about it–family and health first. It’s really ALL that matters! Prayers going up for you — Lois

  7. Kristen says:

    Hope everything gets better. don’t even worry about it, it’s way more importent to take care of your family and yourself.

  8. Eileen says:

    Hope all is better soon!

  9. geal says:

    I hope everything is going well now and look forward to seeing you in the ‘ring’ soon. Much love and prayers to you and the family.

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